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14 November
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I write fanfiction and original fiction between Teaching, working, raising a second grader. Occasionally I will get around to updating my stuff. Keep poking me with a stick it helps.

I have a fabulous online gulfwind whom means so very much to me.

I have now graduated college. I have a degree in secondary history education. I have realized how much I spent on a ten dollar peice of paper and yes I feel screwed.

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EnvyxPride is totally OTP love.

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Ganked from Kat;s page because Tracey's uke's are absolutely amazing and fun and cute and sparkly and Tracey is amazing and wonderful and etc. Made by the amazingly sparkly na_kabaji_usu

Wolfram LOVES Yuuri
Colorbar by chibichula.

A post-apocalyptic world where vampires are the majority, Lycans roam freely, and humans are raised as cattle to feed the hungry predators. Las Vegas has changed quite a bit in the year 2032. Ready to enter the new City of Sin? This new RPG is just starting and looking for adult players. Come and join the chaos.

Welcome to the City of Despair home to mobsters, gangsters, robbers, druggies, and prostitutes. The lines of good and evil have blurred over the years in Despair, people are scared, under the thumb of some of the most powerful crime lords in the known world. Little is known as to why Despair became the central hub for so much illegal activity, but most hold the belief that the most feared crime boss Marco De Luca made a deal with the devil, however that is just silly superstition.

Will you be one of the few left who believe in justice? Will you just survive in a world full of evil? Or will you be one of those evils? There are lots of paths to choose in Despair, just which one will you take?

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